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Acquire Internet Marketing Features: The Times Collaborative

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Longmont Coworking Space The Times Co Lobby Photo

New Kid On the Block

The Times Collaborative is a new addition to the downtown community and a personal favorite for us here at Acquire Internet Marketing. An historic and stunning Longmont coworking space at 338 Main St, it offers private and shared office and desk space, an R&D kitchen, drop-in use, conference rooms, and event venue space. You name it, the Times Co can probably facilitate it.

Inspiring Space

The decor is attractive and inspiring. Exposed brick is sometimes written on in chalk by myriad visitors over however many years or sometimes interrupted by an ancient piece of faded wallpaper. In complement, modern, industrial light fixtures and console tables are mixed with splashes of color on urban chic couches and conference table chairs. The space is comfortable without being sleepy, fashionable without being distracting, aged without being maudlin; but most of all, it’s motivating.

How It All Began

Heather Marvin, the owner of the Times Co, first put her MBA in accounting and finance to good use at a startup food brand, Evil Foods. She enjoyed the excitement and constant learning and adjustment that went into being part of a business from day one. After 10 years in a variety of roles, mainly in the finance of research and development, Heather decided to go her own way.

After a couple of years of consulting in the R&D arena, Heather was looking for the perfect office space for rent to meet with partners and clients. She toured countless sites, searching for the right fit, but then realized that she wanted to create her own spot. She needed an energizing location that was beautiful to be in, diverse, and connected to the surrounding community. And while she was at it, she needed a space where she could work and consult, which meant it had to have an R&D kitchen on site.

Embracing History

Heather traveled all over East Boulder County to find the ideal location and, at long last, found that the old Times building was up for sale. The building was originally built in 1878 only to burn down a year later. Rebuilt soon after, it housed a local Longmont paper through a number of iterations: the Longmont Press, the Weekly Times, and finally The Longmont Call. The space went on to hold multiple restaurants and bakeries, tutors and voice instructors, barbers, photographers, a cigar manufacturer, and a hat shop. Throughout, the upstairs acted as a boarding house that accommodated everyone from laborers and janitors to a city clerk and an editor.

Downtown & Small Town

Inspecting the property and its surroundings on Main Street, Heather knew she had found her unique, community-minded spot. Nestled in the heart of downtown Longmont, the Times building is surrounded by quirky boutiques, restaurants and breweries, art, history, theatres, and music, with services like shoe, bike, and yarn shops sprinkled in. The street is bustling with automobile and foot traffic, giving the sense of a busy, creative city and a friendly, quaint small town, all at the same time.

Heather closed on the building in December of 2018 and then waited over a year for her building permit. Unfortunately, that permit came through on the first day of the COVID lockdown. Learning about how to work within the perimeters of COVID restrictions certainly slowed construction down, however, it also gave Heather the opportunity to do a lot of the demolition herself! We can’t think of a better way to release some of that COVID tension than going after a wall with a sledgehammer.

Bumps In the Road

The opening was delayed until mid-March, but so far, it’s going great! Heather and her site manager, Darby (who is also her niece), have created the unique coworking space Longmont was lacking and it is both inspiring and diverse. Additionally, they’ve relished engaging with the vibrant downtown community. The Times Collaborative offers a space to focus, which has been difficult to do over the last 18 months, but also to relax, enjoy, and collaborate with others to create extraordinary work. And there are snacks and beverages to enjoy while chatting with your office mates! You might meet a life coach, a mortgage broker, or one of our team from Acquire Internet Marketing, your premier local SEO solutions experts; we’ve teamed up with The Times to help local Longmont businesses grow.

So Much to Offer

There are so many options to utilize the space that the Times Collaborative offers. Rent a desk, an office, some kitchen time, or a storage locker. Drop in to use the shared spaces or conference rooms. Or, rent out the main floor, which rivals the other stunning Longmont event venues, for a wedding, cocktail mixer, presentation, or neighborhood meeting. There are Lunch & Learns, Farm to Table dinners, customer appreciation events, church services, fundraisers, and receptions to be had. In addition, The Times Collaborative has just received its food establishment license for catering and selling food. So, keep an eye out for local chefs offering takeout meals. Soon, they hope to have their liquor license, as well.

If you’re looking for an office space to find some focus and fire your imagination, look no further than The Times Collaborative. Work in an environment that energizes and encourages creativity and community. Stop by 338 Main Street to see for yourself what a stimulating environment and a free snack can do for your work ethic and enjoyment. Or check out their upcoming events and drop in for an awesome time!

Welcome to The Times Collaborative, a Longmont coworking space—write your future here!

And check out our case study of The Times Collaborative here to see the results of our expert local SEO services.

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