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What’s Your Preferred Workspace Experience?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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Coworking Space vs working from home or renting an office

Let’s get right to the point here: The pandemic has created a myriad of workspace situations. We went from sauntering into an office (typically one not of our choosing), to being restricted to our homes, and now we’re kind of somewhere in between. But we have options! And since each person’s needs are their own, we kind of get to curate our own experience now. So, what’s the best option for you?

To simplify the benefits and drawbacks-

Working From Home:


  • Pajamas

You can work in them!

  • Cost

You’re not only saving money on rent/membership, you’re also saving money on lunch, travel, work clothes, furniture & decor, etc. And you can write off a portion of your internet and phone bill!

  • Comfort & Convenience

The location is convenient because you’re already there. Plus, no commute means more time. And all your needs are met in the privacy and comfort of home: kitchen, bathroom, comfy chair, etc.

  • Flexibility

You can work throughout the day or night, whenever you have time. If you need to step away for an appointment or an errand, what’s to stop you?


  • Children

Ah, yes, the children. When you work from home it is very easy for your time and focus to be commandeered by little ones (spouses and roommates included!).

  • Distraction

Chores, hobbies, your bed…your home is a place full of distractions at every turn.

  • Monotony and Lack of Inspiration

There is no external stimuli, no exchange of ideas. You are left with yourself and the way you’ve always done things. Innovation is nearly impossible under those circumstances.

  • Too Accessible

If you live and work in the same place, you become too accessible. A work call or email could rip you away at any moment, making it hard to shut it off.

Renting an Office:


  • Privacy

There are no kids, partners, or roommates to distract you!

  • Real Clothes

You’ve got to leave the house and put on presentable clothing.

  • Ownership

You’re able to make the space your own, within the confines of your lease. Furniture, interior design, tchotchkes, etc.

  • Professional Meeting Place

No matter how nice your house is, meeting clients at home is always going to be a bit weird!

  • Camaraderie and Inspiration

If you have employees or coworkers, you’ll get a daily dose of social interaction and inspiration from those who might not think exactly like you.

  • Dedicated Workspace

You’ll no longer mix your work time with your me time. You can clock in and out and leave your work at the office.

  • Possible Amenities

Depending on your lease and the space you are renting, you might have a designated or shared kitchen or restroom, or any other myriad of perks.


  • Cost

Renting your own office isn’t cheap. Depending on your lease, you might be paying for

insurance, maintenance, taxes, utilities, amenities, furniture, internet, and more.

  • Lease

Speaking of that lease, you typically have to commit to at least a year upfront, and rental leases are not known for being flexible.

  • Isolation/Uniformity of Ideas

If you rent a space on your own, you’ll be even more isolated than you were at home with your spouse and kids. However, even if you have coworkers, working in the same industry can lead to a uniformity of ideas that inhibits inspiration and growth.

Using a Coworking Space:


  • Again, Real Clothes!

After a couple of years of pajama pants, getting into some real clothes makes a body feel good!

  • Focus

You are out of your safe zone and able to focus on the work in front of you rather than the distractions of family, laundry, chores, etc.

  • Social Interaction

There is nothing better than the occasional water-cooler conversation or the chance to grab a coffee or an adult beverage with a work friend.

Learning from others' experiences, perspectives, and problem-solving techniques, not to mention being inspired by human connection, are all things you can’t do by yourself or with a small group of like-minded thinkers.

  • Flexibility

A new trend in coworking spaces is 24-hour access. You can make your own hours, you’ll have a much more flexible lease, and options and upgrades allow you bathrooms, kitchens, access to printing privileges, etc.

  • Cost

In addition to being more affordable in general (the average cost per person in Denver, according to upsuite, is $353/month), coworking office spaces often include amenities like snacks, coffee, internet, printing, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Not to mention, you’re not paying for cleaning or maintenance.

  • Professional Meeting Space

Coworking offices often have conference rooms for rent, but even for more casual meetings with clients, the professional environment beats your living room hands down.

  • Dedicated Workspace

You’ll be able to seamlessly separate your work time from your personal time.

  • Getting out of your safe zone!

Leaving the house, wearing clothes, meeting new people, working in a professional atmosphere—it all gets you out of the safe patterns that you develop, opening you up to inspiration and innovation.


  • Privacy

Or rather the lack thereof. You might not have a designated desk, so you would have to bring and remove your things each day. Although, in many coworking spaces, you’ll be able to rent a desk or office, or even have a locked desk or storage area for your things.

  • Less customization

You will have less ability, depending on your contract, to personalize and customize your space.

  • Distraction

You might be interrupted or sharing space with people who are loud or distracting. However, there are often options for private offices if you find yourself easily diverted.

Why coworking at our Longmont office space is your best choice!

Look, The Times Collaborative is a coworking space, so we’re kind of biased, but we don’t skimp on research. Choosing a workspace is personal and nuanced, and so is our coworking space. We have options that create privacy, amenities out the wazoo, and 24 hour, 7 day a week access. And we’ve thought about the few cons to coworking and developed remedies.

Give our premier, Longmont, CO coworking space a try, if even for an afternoon, to get inspired and mark the difference. We think your decision will be to write your future with The Times Collaborative! Contact us today to get started!

And check out our blog or read more about us!

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